This event is for professional driving instructors from all road safety organizations, public and private. There is no question that today’s vehicles have changed and today’s drivers learn differently. This instructor training event addresses both vehicle technology and training technology, in order to bridge the human interface. With budgets tightening and driving facilities harder to find, the opportunity for critical driver training in small areas is core to the discussions.

For this Symposium, presentations will be only half of the objective. Ample time at the driving range will allow Driver and Rider Instructors an inside view of understanding, using, and teaching with new technologies, exercises, and thought processes. 

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Keynote, Roger Schroer

Manager of the Performance Driving School at Transportation Research Center in Liberty, Ohio, Roger is as diverse a driver instructor as it gets. Roger will share from his impressive background and enlightening understanding of driver training.

Bosch LLC, Original Equipment Technology Inventor/Provider

Two presentations are scheduled. #1 is focused on today’s Automobile Technology and how it is changing expected training outcomes. #2 highlights the background and new innovation in Motorcycle Safety and Control Technology. 

Virtual Driver Training Powered by VRMC

There is a science behind the evolution in Virtual Reality Training. Dominic Dobson, professional driver, coach, and founding partner of VRMC takes you through a guided tour of where we have been in simulation and why VR is the future. 

ATSS Smart Light System

Chris Ihara is the inventor behind the most advanced and practical portable light system for Driver and Rider Training. Chris is also a driving school owner and EVO instructor. His foresight into the capability of the ATSS is invaluable, coupled with his insight into modern vehicle performance. Balancing speed and performance with public safety will be a fascinating presentation sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Apex Pro Driver Coach

Andrew Raines and his company have designed a very smart and simple low-cost solution to read vehicle grip. An app based system of lights and software with proprietary technology enabling AI, the APEX Pro can, in real time, validate performance objectives set by the individual users curriculum. The driver can self-assess proper driving performance with multiple data fields following each drive.

Be Crash Free

Stacy “Ax” Axmaker has defined his career as a professional instructor. His understanding of training in regards to a “Moment of Truth” is a subject to resonate with all first responders, whether motorcycle riders or drivers. Ax is a seasoned, expert instructor with a direction to Road Safety for all road users.  

U-Haul Trailer - Backing Academy and Safe Trailering Program

Whether you drive or ride, towing a
trailer is a major component in moving equipment. Improve your skills with knowledge, tips, and demos on how to do it safely and efficiently.

Alan Cunningham - Safer Moto

Alan Cunningham is the Principal of SaferMoto Hit-Air Jackets and Vests, a motorcycle racer, multi-year competitor at the Isle of Man, and long-time motorcycle safety advocate. Almost anyone who rides a motorcycle reveres the Isle of Man as either the bravest or dumbest thing a motorcyclist can do. Alan crashed at over 100 MPH and the Hit-Air Vest saved him from serious injury. It couldn’t however save him from the other racer who ran him over as he was dragging himself away from the crash scene, but he still lived to tell us the tale. Alan will speak about the rider side of safety technology. You won’t want to miss this presentation!


Dane Pitarresi and Steve Westerberg are responsible for the “Disciplined Driver” curriculum now being delivered with the SKIDCAR, SKIDTRUCK, and VST powered by VRMC. You don’t need to currently use a SKIDCAR or a multimillion dollar driving track to benefit from this approach to Driver Training focus. Presenting together, they will share insights into a new training landscape including digital natives, digital immigrants, and the “puzzled instructor” syndrome. The presentation will venture into views of the future, operating around autonomous and semi- autonomous vehicles, and promises to be something everyone in the road safety business will find valuable.

As an optional supplement to the program, SSI will also offer SKIDCAR Instructor Recertification and Service Clinics.

Cedergrens Mechanical of Sweden:

Curt and Anders Cedergren from Klintehamn, Sweden will be presenting SKIDCAR Service Clinics and service details for SKIDBIKE. Those customers who have invested in SKIDCAR can learn how to properly care for and extend the life of today’s most valuable behind-the-wheel training assets. 

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Download our Registration Form Here (PDF)

April 14th, 2019

Registration and Welcome Reception sponsored by Cedergrens MEK. and SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. USA.

April 15th, 16th & 17th, 2019

Classroom Presentations – Focused but not limited to:

  • The Disciplined Driver: The Future in Educating Driver & Riders
  • Virtual Driver Training, Powered by VRMC
  • Speed: Are 140 MPH Vehicles Useful?
  • Being a Vehicle Instructor for Diverse Disciplines
  • Driver & Rider Technology Updates (including Bosch LLC, Two-Wheeled Power Sports Group)
  • Using Affordable Data Acquisition for Basic Driver Training
  • Being Crash Free: The Moment of Truth
  • Safe Trailering Program, Presented by U-Haul
  • David Beyer, Author of “The Art of Effective Motorsports Coaching”

April 15th, 2019

Service Clinics – Representatives from Cedergrens MEK. and SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC. will cover points including Hydraulics, Electrical, and Tire & Wheel Maintenance for both the SKIDCAR™ and SKIDTRUCK®. No Charge.

Optional SKIDCAR Recertification Program: $99 per person. Open to all who wish to attend. Limited class size - priority will be given to those who are certified. We will offer a “Certificate of Attendance” to persons who attend all sessions, including both the classroom and practical training. We will only offer “Recertification” to numbered instructors who have been issued a previous SKIDCAR instructor certificate from SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC.

April 17th, 2019

Gala Dinner - To be held the evening of the 17th. This event includes closing comments, awards, raffle prizes, and is included for all registered attendees. Should you be traveling with a guest and would like them to attend the dinner as well, the cost for an additional seat is $80.00.


2016 International Driver & Rider Symposium held at the Atlantis Resort Reno

Atlantis Resort Reno | 3800 S. Virginia St. | Reno, NV 89502

Room Reservations by Phone: 

(800) 723-6500 - Reference reservation code “SKIDCAR”

Online Room Reservations:

  1. On your web browser, go to (Please note that SKIDCAR must be capitalized.)
  2. A window will open that says “Please join us for the SKIDCAR System, Inc.”
  3. Click the green box which says “SELECT & GO TO THE NEXT STEP”.
  4. Select your desired room nights and click the green box which says “CONFIRM DATES OF STAY”.
  5. Proceed with room selection and payment info.

Room block rates are $99, single or double occupancy, plus 13% tax, $2 tourism surcharge and $25 resort fee per night. Please note that all reservations will be charged first night’s room and tax.



For registration details, please contact SKIDCAR System, Inc.
at (702) 395‐2896.

Download our Registration Form Here (PDF)