Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
Certified Instructor Training

Available for SKIDCAR and SKIDTRUCK (5 day course), and SKIDBIKE (2 or 3 day course option).

A comprehensive training course to certify new SKIDCAR SYSTEM Instructors. This curriculum includes the set-up of the SKIDCAR SYSTEM, including attachment to the host vehicle, safe and efficient use, and HAL Controller operation training. Our instructors analyze your existing driving program and advise how to implement the SKIDCAR SYSTEM in to your curriculum for maximum benefit. Instructors are guided through understanding vehicle dynamics training and taught how SKIDCAR can streamline behind-the-wheel exercises, saving hours of training time.

Included in the Disciplined Driver course classroom presentations are the “Give Us 2 Seconds” and “JUST STOP” initiatives, designed specifically for today’s drivers. This advanced class is suitable for your experienced driver instructors and prepares your instructors for presentation and delivery of a program using a SKIDCAR SYSTEM, immediately.

The SKIDCAR course outline is priced for four (4) students per 5-day class.

Winter Driving Course

The SKIDCAR SYSTEM Winter Driving Course provides a training event unlike any other. Students are immersed in the authentic experience of adverse driving conditions which alert them to their personal stress reactions. Although the design of the SKIDCAR keeps them safe, students are practicing in a real vehicle and are therefore exposed to the true physical and emotional responses that are unattainable through simulation alone. By allowing the student to experience adverse driving conditions first hand, they are given the opportunity to practice a system of proper thought processes and motor skills through the haze of negative reactions which occur in authentic driving emergencies. No other program so successfully combines the safety of your students with the realism needed to fully understand the important aspects of a proactive Road Safety approach.

This program is delivered at your facility or training area (minimum space 174 x 400 feet required) by a Certified SKIDCAR Instructor. Driving concepts covered include Use of Thought Process and Vision, Over-Use and Misuse of the Steering Wheel, Proper Use of the Braking System, “Give us 2 Seconds”, and “JUST STOP”. Behind-the-wheel exercises are utilized for practical experience.

The course outline can be adapted to accommodate between eight (8) and twenty-four (24) students each day.

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Vehicle Dynamics Course for Professional Drivers

This is an abbreviated course intended for experienced/advanced drivers including manufacturer proving grounds test drivers, First Responders (Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire), and Municipal Fleet drivers. Elements include a short classroom orientation and extensive behind-the-wheel practice in order to experience handling for both analog and digital driving techniques.

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Skill topics will cover the following:

  • Understeer, causation and control
  • Oversteer, causation and control
  • Neutral steer, causation and control
  • Braking straight, outcome
  • Braking then turning, outcome
  • Turning then braking, outcome
  • Braking in a curve, outcome
  • Maximum braking, outcome
  • Cadence braking, outcome
ABS braking, outcome
  • Electronic Stability Control operation

The course outline is intended to accommodate ten (10) students per day.

Electronic Safety Technologies Orientation and Workshop (ESC Workshop)

Electronic Stability Control is a safety feature installed in all new police cars and SUVs as of the 2012 model year. This technology is designed to prevent rollovers and loss of traction by keeping your vehicle in contact with the ground during dangerous situations.

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The ESC Workshop by SKIDCAR SYSTEM INC is an exclusive training program updating officers on the understanding of the Electronic Stability Control systems installed in all modern police vehicles. Due to the technology, changes in driving habits could be critical to avoiding unexpected, or even lethal, outcomes. Through the workshop, ESC systems are exposed, explained, and understood through a proprietary classroom course presentation and hands-on driver training with the SKIDCAR SYSTEM.

The course outline can be adapted to accommodate between twelve (12) and twenty-four (24) students each day.

Additional Helpful Training Resources

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